Facts About Natural Stone

Used for thousands of years for building materials, weapons, tools and other uses, natural stone is one of the finest and first things that man learned to utilize, and continues to utilize today in our homes. Found on our walls, floors, countertops, memorials, art and architecture, stone is largely used today as a strong, sturdy and beautiful flooring material that lasts through the test of time with elegance and grace that most other materials simply cannot compare to. Stone that we use today for its shining surfaces are some of the very same used thousands of years ago; like limestone surfacing, which was used by the ancient Egyptians in their pyramids and other important structures.

Natural stone come in a myriad of colors and densities and can be cut to form basically any shape imaginable, making it one of the more versatile materials known to man. Basically coming in three different types-igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary-each type has its own list of uses, positive and negative qualities. Igneous stones like granite are made of small bits of other stones; sedimentary stones like limestone and travertine are very soft and fine and marble and slate are prime examples of metamorphic stones that start out as another stone but are changed by intense heat or pressure.

When properly maintained and cared for, stone is one of the longest lasting materials known and can easily outlive our own generations. There are certain tips and guides to follow in how to keep your specific stone tile looking as beautiful as they day that you had it installed, and some stone does come with specific warnings and things to be cautious of, but generalized cleaning tips do exist. It takes a very devoted hand to keep stone looking perfect because it can be so easily damaged if neglected, but the upkeeping process is actually very simple.

Something as easy as sweeping daily to keep small particles off the floor, gentle cleaning with very mild soap with no acidic properties, thorough rinsing and drying as well as optional buffing for a high quality shine is really all that you need to do to keep your floor beautiful. Installing preventative measures like soft mats, coasters on the feet of furniture and removing or wiping your shoes off before you enter the room are all very easy and logical steps to take.

When used outside, stone is a wonderful thought for walkways, patios, paving, decks, swimming pools and fishponds. Because it is all natural, it can stand the test of the weather far more gracefully than most man-made products, and can also provide a sense of nature in your yard. Surrounding other main areas of interest inside and outside your home, firepits and hearths also make fine use of natural stones because they are resistant to heat and actually may look more authentic and lovely with some use. Even something as grand as a memorial or sculpture completely carved by stone is an elegant and steadfast thing to behold that will stand the test of time with minimal upkeep compared to others. All of these reasons and so many more make natural stone the answer to so many things, and will no doubt be the very reason it will be used even further in the future.