Tuscan Architecture – What to Look For

There’s nothing like an Italian villa carefully cosseted amid the gently rolling countryside to celebrate the simple things in life. The magnificence of Tuscan styled homes can be attributed to the universal appeal of Tuscan architecture. Here’s a unique rustic style that has managed to transgress barriers of time and space and has steadfastly refused to be straitjacketed into stereotypes. No wonder, its appeal is ageless.

Quintessential Holiday Retreat

For those that want some respite from the seething energy of big cities, a home designed in true-blue Tuscan style to soak in the silence of solitudes is ideal. Its only here that all the key elements of the natural environment get their due. Though these homes bear a striking resemblance to Mediterranean styled homes, the Italian architecture is a lot less intricate and certainly enjoys mass hysteria.

There’s A Lot In Common

The generous use of stone or terracotta on roof tops, terracotta and stone tiles on floorings and wooden beams is the common thread that runs through most homes in Tuscany. Local veneer is as popular a choice as red tiles on the roofs.

You just cannot miss the grandeur of the majestic entryway. Paved with bricks, most outdoor spaces boast of a Tuscan-inspired water fountain and lovingly manicured gardens replete with tall cypress trees swaying to tunes of the gentle breeze. A patio or portico with an open-arched entryway adds to all the opulence and drama. Walkways lined with columns and open archways complete the magical Tuscan feel.

The intricate detailing with stone exudes warmth, just like the stone tiles on the floor inside the home. But what really takes your breath away is the unending sense of space everywhere- in the plush living rooms, the alluring bedrooms and bathrooms and the much-feted Tuscan kitchens. Here again, natural elements like wood, stone and a veritable mosaic of mind-blowing colors ensure the blueprint for a successful design.